DAUSA Still Working Hurricane IDA In South East LA & Northeast USA

Funds for Tarps, Mold killing agent, generators, gas, supplies for locals needed

DAUSA Still Working Hurricane IDA In South East LA & Northeast USA image


raised towards $10,000 goal




Funds for Tarps, Mold killing agent, generators, gas, supplies for locals needed

DAUSA Teams Still Deployed across the country and need your donations to stay in the field.

Quick update. What we have done so far and teams are still in the field and need your donations to continue to help those in need.

Hurricane IDA

  • Over 25K pounds of supplies
  • 5.5 hours traveling & clearing a back road to small community in middle of night 1st night in.
  • Cleared Roads @ Ambulance service request
  • Chain sawed trees off houses
  • Moved heavy debris to pick up points with backhoe
  • Tarped over 30 roofs
  • Muck and gutted homes
  • Cleared metal debris from around houses
  • Cut, downed powerlines for safety
  • Sprayed mold killing agents in homes
  • Supplied over 1000 gallons of gas
  • Supplied Generators and small ACs for several homes
  • Supplied Food Ice and water to local survivors in several truck loads
  • Fixed broken Water lines
  • Performed around a dozen wellness checks for Crowd source rescue. (Family member call CSR as they haven’t heard from family since storm or to rescue them from damaged home.) No cell service and and no 911 made this very important for family in others states. We tracked down the addresses and notify if someone was home or had evacuated. Many time neighbor would tell us they saw them before the storm but not after so we kept looking until found and then used our Satellite phone for them to call family and tell them they are ok. Very touching moments!
  • Assets deployed: Rescue Boat, 2 Domestic response trailers, and Backhoe equipment. Team members From LA, Missouri, Texas and OK and Florida responded.
  • Cranes from 35 Ton to 70 ton Capacities were offered to local EOCs
  • DASUA Trailers of supplies came From Southwest LA, Texas, and Florida.
  • Our teams were resupplied by friends of DAUSA in the middle of the night with a crew from over 5 hours away. Brought food, gas, ice, and roofing materials, then turned around immediately for home so our crews could keep operating.
  • Florida team brought supplies and stayed to tarp roofs.
  • LA and Missouri Team members rotating back in now!
  • MD NJ and WV teams are now responding to flooding in the Northeast due to Hurricane IDA Having a work weekend mucking and gutting houses and supplied safety fencing for a damage neighborhood from a small Tornado that spawned from IDA.

Texas and SWLA teams were back home to rest and retool but were activated again due to Hurricane Nickolas spawning quickly and flooding several areas. Mainly a large rain event. The SWLA team used their Backhoe to clean and clear main ditches and small bayous, where debris from Hurricane Laura still clogged drainage. (this help prevent a number of homes from flooding.) The rescue boat was deployed and on standby with Crowd Resource rescue teams but was not needed.

SWLA Team is headed back to SELA & Hurricane IDA operational zone to tarps more houses, Chainsaw, move heavy debris from a neighborhood clogged with debris from destroyed metals buildings and mucking and gutting.