Tornadoes rip across several states! image

Tornadoes rip across several states!

DAUSA Team Deploys to Alabama to help survivors

$200 raised

$15,000 goal

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DAUSA Louisiana Team is deploying to the Birmingham AL area to team up with other NGOs chain sawing trees, clearing roads, and neighborhoods. The teams will also be helping survivors go thru their houses and pick out valuables and personal items to salvage. DAUSA will be bring a backhoe for demo and heavy clearing work! The Southwest LA team has been working hard in their home state since Hurricane Laura and Delta and continue to work several weekends a month, they are reaching out to their neighboring states and putting their needs on hold for a bit! Larry Agee Executive Director who lives in SW Louisiana said "we definitely know what it feels like to be hit hard and know what it feels like when people to show up to help you put your life back together. Even for someone who has worked disasters for over 15 years it was a humbling experience to be on the receiving end. It just fires you up to give back more!"