Historic  Winter Temps causing massive power and water outages image

Historic Winter Temps causing massive power and water outages

Frozen pipes, no electricity, no heat, damaged houses, flooded houses, no water

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$20,000 goal

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Historic winter storms batter the South , Power & water grid failures wide spread!

Teams In Texas and Louisiana are responding to the desperate needs of families. No water, no electricity, single digit temperatures, infrastructure and homes were not built for weather this cold. It is a "lifetime event", Water utiliies are down, supplies are hard to get in due to icy roads, Southeast Texas and Southwest LA have had 10 declared federal disasters in 25 years and 4 of those have now happened in the last 12 months. DAUSA teams are repairing broken water pipes, pumping water out of houses, Mucking and Gutting homes, Chainsawing broken frozen branches off of houses, digging and repairing water lines. They are also helping with drainage problems, delivering food, and water to those in need, Our Teams are also hay and feed to rural areas that need them. Help our teams help others in this historic weather event. Many of these homes were just repaired from Hurricane Laura now hit again with a different weather event. Larry Agee Executive Director said one resident whose house was flooded by a frozen and broken pipes and who had just moved back in after major damage from Hurricane Laura, could only say " I am done.....just done." Any size donation helps. Thanks in advance for your help.